1 – wordgame

Start with this word game to warm up your brain and switch it into English mode.

2 – vocabulary

It will be followed by a review of aircraft-related vocabulary. To check each word’s pronunciation, download the document and open it with Adobe Reader. 

3 – listening comprehension

Next train your ear with this listening comprehension exercise:

4 – grammar

Then, keep up the good work with some easy grammar.

5 – reading comprehension

Last, but not least, this reading comprehension exercise, in the form of an article from The Connexion, will take you to Roissy and Orly.

Read the article here: border delays at Paris airport

and answer these few questions:

  • How long can passengers have to wait at border checkpoints?
  • What has exacerbated the problem?
  • According to the head of the border police, what is just not possible?

1 – Word game solution

3 – Listening comprehension :

CTL – Cherokee 9-2-3-4 Victor, Vero Beach tower, enter left base runway 2-9 left, report 2 mile-left base.

PIL – Report 2 mile-left base for 2-9 left, 3-4 Victor

4 – Grammar:

Answer is b : the use of the past tense expresses the idea that the action began and finished in the past.

On the other hand, the use of the present perfect in answers a and c means that the action still continues in the present.

5 – Reading comprehension:

– up to 2 hours

– France’s state of emergency and the European request for reinforcement of controls on entry from non-Schengen citizens

– move people through Roissy in less than 30 minutes