1 – reading comprehension

Read this article from The Connexion, about an aircraft which almost took off from a taxiway. – Where did it happen? – What type of aircraft was it? – What was its destination? – How could the pilot mistake the taxiway for a runway?  

2 – listening comprehension

Read this « In English, please » article published in the May 2014 issue of Info-pilote, entitled « Taxiing around an airport, an orienteering exercise ». The second half of the article is a listening comprehension exercise. Listen to the recording below and find the missing words in the text.


3 – vocabulary

Visual landing charts  

4 – general English corner

Listen to this shortened version of a 6-minute recording on « How quickly can you learn English? » Then answer these questions: – What is the real thing? – In the 21st century, what seems to be the main method of learning? – How much time do Rob and Finn advocate you commit to their course every day? – What are the two tips given by Richard Hallows?   The full recording and the script, if needed, are available here. is quite helpful to English learners and while at it, why not take the opportunity to browse through the site and check out their various courses on vocabulary and grammar.  

5 – wordgames

Try different crosswords at You might find them challenging at first, but if you choose the « regular » level, the computer will help you avoid making mistakes and also give hints if you ask for them.    
1 – reading comprehension – Nice – an Embraer 190 – Lisbon – The taxiway is a former runway and therefore wider than standard taxiways.   2 – listening comprehension Taxiing around an airport, an orienteering exercise   3 – vocabulary Visual landing charts – translation   4 – general English corner – a teacher – online – 15 minutes – get a good range of vocabulary and grammar, and don’t try to sound like a native