1 – reading comprehension

Go to to get 8 tips for circumnavigating thunderstorms. Then answer these questions: – What can you expect to find below a thunderstorm? – How far away from a thunderstorm is it recommended to stay? – How do you fly around a thunderstorm ahead of you?  

2 – listening comprehension

Watch this fun Top Gear BBC video on what happens when a car is struck by lightning, then answer these questions: – Where is the Siemens High Voltage Lab located? – How much voltage can the tranformers generate? – How many volts will hit the car? – What is a Faraday cage?   BTW, read myth #5 on this interesting post . Would you be safe in your car or would you be fried to a crisp?  

3 – vocabulary review wordsearch


4 – further reading

For further reading go to , the UK equivalent of Meteo France, to learn more about thunderstorms, thunder and lightning.  

5 – grammar

Let’s finish this session with a short exercise on prepositions here.    
1 – reading comprehension – extreme windshear, downdrafts, microbursts. – 20 miles. – Fly around the upwind side, the side from which the wind is blowing. The « anvil » of a thunderstorm is always on the downwind side.   Still confused? Find more explanations on the subject at   2 – listening comprehension – in Berlin. – 2 million volts. – 800 000 volts. – Something that attracts electricity, then sends it shooting around the outside, so that what is inside isn’t harmed.   3 – wordsearch Thunderstorms solution   5 – grammar solution