1 – vocabulary

With the help of a 2008 « In English, please » article, review the control and instrument panel vocabulary. Download the document and open it with Adobe Reader to check each word’s pronunciation.

2 – listening comprehension

Make a full transcript of this Hong Kong airport’s ATIS recorded last year during the typhoon season.

3 – reading comprehension

Take this quiz on airport markings from .

Will you ace it?

4 – general English corner

Play a slideshow at to learn a few facts about texting acronyms. Then answer these questions:

– Which one is in French?

– What answer might you get if you become verbose?

– What does this one mean?

5 – wordsearch

we’ll end this session with a wordsearch yielding an inspiring hidden message.

2 – listening comprehension

Hong Kong ATIS transcript

4 – general English corner

– RSVP – TLDR: too long, didn’t read – Thank God it’s Friday!

5 – wordsearch solution