October is the first month of the fall season, and what better symbolizes autumn than clouds?


Let’s explore the cotton world of clouds!


1 – vocabulary

Review cloud-related vocabulary with this double page from « L’Anglais pour voler ».  

2 – listening comprehension

Watch this You tube video initially designed for kids, thereby making it easy to listen to, and understand. Then answer these questions: 1 – When do clouds form? 2 – Why do clouds often form when the temperature cools? 3 – What are the five basic types of clouds? 4 – What are cirrus clouds sometimes called?   You can also watch this short video, for its soothing effect!  

3 – reading comprehension

Read this former Infopilote article published in June 2010, at the height of an ash cloud crisis, then answer these questions: 1 – What happened to the British Airways flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, in June 1982? 2 – What does a fair weather cumulus indicate? 3 – In what other cloud can a cumulus develop, given the right conditions?  

4 – general English corner

We’ve done it already, but it’s such a lot of fun, with amazing results, that’s it’s worth doing it again. This is a word cloud on clouds made from a text found on the internet:  

  Here is how to make your own: go to and download your Wordle version on your computer. Copy and paste (ctrl + V) a text and hit the « go » button. You can adapt font, layout, color to your own specs. Word clouds are awesome to look at, and are great to learn vocabulary the fun way, as they put forward the most recurrent words in a text. They are particularly dynamic when used in a presentation.  

5 – quiz

Let’s finish on a light note with this quiz from What was your score?    
2 – listening comprehension 1 – When the atmosphere cannot hold any more vapor. 2 – Because warm air can hold more water vapor than cool air. 3 – Cirrus, stratus, stratocumulus, cumulus, and cumulonimbus. 4 – Mare’s tails, because they look like horse’s tails. 3 – reading comprehension 1 – It flew through a volcanic ash cloud. 2 – That the overall atmosphere is stable, with some lift. 3 – A cumulonimbus.