Shelter-In-Place Special Edition n°3

Review the vocabulary associated with airports,

and phraseology related to the phases of flight preceding take-off: ground operations and taxiing.




1 – Friday, April 17th

To warm up your brain and switch it into English mode, read this article from Kiddle, Wikipedia’s offspring made for children.

Learning from children’s programs is a great way to go back to basics.

Airport facts for kids


Scroll all the way down the article, to read the pictures’ caption and review a lot of vocabulary, as you would in a visual dictionary.


2 – Saturday, April 18th

From L’Anglais pour voler, study these two double-pages on ground operations:

AIRPORTS – Ground handling

PHRASEOLOGY – Aerodrome, on the ground

And practice with a crossword.


3 – Sunday, April 19th

Taxiing is not as easy as it sounds:

Taxiing around an airport, an orienteering exercise



4 – Monday, April 20th

Numbers, again … but this time with letters!



5 – Tuesday, April 21st




Remember that the ATIS phone numbers for the UK’s airports are listed p.32 of the GetMet leaflet available on the Met Office site.

Scroll down the  » Aeronautical meteorology – service for low-level aviation «  paragraph to the last entry: Training resources for pilots and GETMET.


6 – Wednesday, April 22nd

What happens when something goes wrong:

Sorry, we’re closed



7 – Thursday, April 23rd

Celebrate the end of the third week of intensive English training with another FCL.055 listening comprehension test.

FCL.055 VFR exam


Practice 1

Practice 2



2 – crossword solution

ACROSS: 1 barette, 4 frangible, 10 elevation, 11 wildlife, 14 touchdown zone, 17 signs, 18 pavement, 22 floodlight, 24 signal area, 26 hotspot, 27 apron; DOWN: 2 turn pad, 3 movement area, 5 holding bay, 6 holding point, 7 taxiway network, 8 unpaved, 9 lighting, 12 in the vicinity, 13 rescue and firefighting, 14 threshold, 15 obstacle, 16 helipad, 17 stopway, 19 markings, 20 shoulders, 21 windsock, 23 hub, 25 fence, 27 arp

3 – Taxiing around an airport

4 – Numbers and letters

5 – ATIS

6 – Sorry, we’re closed

7 – FCL.055 exam