Shelter-In-Place Special Edition n°4

Special Edition n°1 dealt with basic words, n°2 was about radio operations, and n°3 tackled airports and taxiing.

With Special Edition n°4, let’s go a step further in the chronology of a flight, and work on runways and take-off.

1 – Friday, April 24th

Some light reading to start with, review a few basic facts, and reflect on runway excursions and incursions:

Runways, are they really dangerous places to be?

2 – Saturday, April 25th

From L’Anglais pour voler, study these two double-pages:

AIRPORTS – The manoeuvering area

PHRASEOLOGY – Aerodrome, take-off

Download this document and open it with Adobe Reader to check the pronunciation of some of the words .

3 – Sunday, April 26th

Now for some listening comprehension:

Standard tower operations

4 – Monday, April 27th

Back to ATIS and numbers, with some more listening comprehension practice:

Weather and numbers

5 – Tuesday, April 28th

More reading about what you are NOT supposed to find around an aircraft:

FOD, encounters of a dubious kind

6 – Wednesday, April 29th

Also on the subject of FOD:

Airside bizarre encouters

7 – Thursday, April 30th

End of week 4. It’s time for the already traditional FCL.055 VFR exam listening comprehension test:

Get ready for the new flying season