Shelter-In-Place Special Edition n°5

Shelter-In-Place Special Editions n°1 to 4 took you gradually up into the air.

Now that you have taken off, what topics come next?

Airspace and flight information!

1 – Friday, May 1st

Get in the mood with a short refresher on airspace classification and airspace infringement:

Know your airspace, don’t become an infringement statistic

Read more on the subject of airspace infringement here. Scroll down the page to find a useful guide if you plan a flight in the UK : The Skyway Code

2 – Saturday, May 2nd

From L’Anglais pour voler, two double-pages worth of vocabulary:

AIRPORTS – Surroundings

PHRASEOLOGY – Flight Information Service

Download this document:  In-flight landmarks, and open it with Adobe Reader to check the pronunciation of some of the words.

And practice with a crossword.

3 – Sunday, May 3rd

This first listening comprehension exercise will include some revisions on airport operations:

Airspace, airports, movement area

4 – Monday, May 4th


(1) : The ATIS phone numbers for the UK’s airports are listed p.32 of the GetMet leaflet available on the Met Office site. Scroll down the « Aeronautical meteorology – service for low-level aviation » paragraph to the last entry: Training resources for pilots and GETMET.

5 – Tuesday, May 5th

Another listening comprehension exercise, this time showing how significant flight information can be for a pilot:

Flight Information Service

6 – Wednesday, May 6th

This listening comprehension exercise focuses on traffic information:

To help you see and avoid

7 – Friday, May 7th

At the end of the 5th week of intensive practice, it is time for a full FCL.055 exam, with one excercise for each of the three tests.

If needed, go back to PP #31 Shelter-In-Place Special Edition n°1, Thursday April 7th, for a complete presentation of the exam.

1 –Fictional flight

2 – Unusual situation

3 – Listening comprehension

2 – crossword; solution

3 –Airspace, airports, movement area; solution

4 – ATIS; solution

5 – FIS; solution

6 – To help you see and avoid; solution

7 – FCL.055 exam

1 -Fictional flight full scenario and full recording: 2 – Unusual situation transcription and audio file: 3 – Answers listening comprehension: 1 – when able; 2 – deviation; 3 – prefer; 4 – traffic zone; 5 -give way to any gliders; 6 – in the overhead; 7 – straight-in; 8 – east bank of the river; 9 – mixed ice; 10 – suggest; 11 – free call; 12 – 1-3-0 decimal 7-2; 13 – relay request; 14 – ready for departure; 15 – touchdown; 16 – closed; 17 – 1-1-8 decimal 7-0-5; 18 – 5000; 19 – rain and snow; 20 – towering cumulus.