Shelter-In-Place Special Edition n°6

Shelter-In-Place Special Editions n°1 to 5 followed the chronological development of a flight.

In this process, the main topics covered were: radio operations, airports, taxiing, take-off, airspace, and flight information.

Shelter-In-Place Special Edition n°6 will end this six-week journey by going over

navigation and landing.


1 – Friday, May 8th

Review vocabulary on navigation and phraseology on landing with these two double pages from L’Anglais pour voler:

FLYING – Navigation

PHRASEOLOGY – Aerodrome traffic circuit, landing

Then practice with a crossword.


2 – Saturday, May 9th

For a recap, follow the chronological stages of a flight from departure to arrival with this listening comprehension exercise:

ATIS, departure, flight information, arrival


With an additional fun quest: find the typo in the text!


3 – Sunday, May 10th



4 – Monday, May 11th

Oshkosh, the legendary fly-in held every year in July in the US, has been cancelled this year because of the pandemic. Revisit the 2018 event and listen to an awesome arrival sequence:



The links are still relevant, although Fraser MacPhee’s comment mentioned in the paragraph is nowhere to be found.’s pilot-friendly briefing guide.


5 – Tuesday, May 12th

Taxi, take-off, landing, … and more


6 – Wednesday, May 13th

Something a pilot needs to land is … a landing gear! Below is a digest of what can happen when its reliability is questionable:

Where aircraft meet earth


7 – Thursday, May 14th

The closing exercise is another full FCL.055 exam, for a last round of checkups. Practice with a fictional flight, an unusual situation, and a listening comprehension test. Read carefully the instructions, several times if needed, for each exercise. You’ll also find a complete presentation of the exam in PP #31 Shelter-In-Place Special Edition n°1’s seventh exercise .


– Fictional flight

scenario and audio file:


– Unusual situation



– listening comprehension

listen to the recording below and find the missing words in the text: