Back-to-basics n°2 – ATIS

Mastering ATIS transcription is important for pilots, not only when planning a flight, but also when sitting for the FCL.055, since ATIS transmissions appear at least twice during the exam: in the fictional flight test, and as the last of the 10 messages of the live traffic test.

So, grab your headset and get some practice!

1 – 3 full ATIS

Listen to these ATIS from UK airports and jot down as much information as you can:

Belfast City




2 – more odds and ends

Listen to an audio file of various elements of ATIS recordings:

and find the missing words in this text.


3 – more listening comprehension

Read an « In English, please » article published in Infopilote in May 2018 entitled « It was supposed to be the advent of spring », and listen to the recording below to find the missing words.


4 – the general English section


After watching this video from the BBC, preferably without enabling the subtitles:

US election 2020: how to become president

and reading these two articles, also from the BBC:

US election 2020: a really simple guide

US election 2020: what is the electoral college?

you should have a better understanding of how the presidential election works in the US, and why it is possible to be elected without having won a majority of the votes.

A few trivia questions:

1 – At the time of the writing of the constitution in 1787, why was the electoral college favored by the southern states?

2 – Which are the only 2 states that divide up their electoral college votes according to the proportion of votes each candidate received?

3 -In the past 100 years, how many presidents were elected without winning the public vote?


5 – the fun corner

This custom-made word search will help you review ATIS vocabulary the fun way!


Find more exercises on ATIS in Practice Papers #31 to #36 and in the October issue of Infopilote.


1 – 3 full ATIS

full script  

2 – more odds and ends

full script  

3 – It was supposed to be the advent of spring


4 – the general English section

1 – Even though they did not vote, slaves were counted as three-fifths of a person. The southern states had therefore more weight with an electoral college than with a direct vote. 2 – Maine and Nebraska 3 – George W. Bush in 2000 and Donald Trump in 2016  

5 – the fun corner