Practice for the FCL.055 n°6 – revision


Let’s mark a pause with some revision before embarking on the second half of the 10-month program initiated in September last year, a program due to culminate in May and June with 2 full FCL.055 exams. The revision  exercises cover topics addressed in the previous 5 months: letters, numbers, ATIS, and phraseology in standard and radio operations.


1 – vocabulary review

Review some basic vocabulary with two interactive PDF documents:


control and instrument panel

Download the PDF, open it with Adobe Acrobate Reader, and click on any one word to listen to its pronunciation.


2 – ATIS

Listening comprehension practice


3 – standard operations

Listen to an audio file featuring the departure from Kerry, in Ireland, and find the missing words in the text:


Kerry – Departure



4 – the general English section

Read this former « In English, please » article on the importance of vocabulary :

Words are the basic building blocks of language

And answer these questions:

– what is passive vocabulary?

– what are the 4 tips to do the trick?

– what can you do at


5 – the Fun Corner

Review the vocabulary on air flow with this crossword:

Air flow



2 – ATIS


3 – standard operations

Kerry departure

4 – the general English section

– vocabulary that you understand but are still unsure of how to use.

– read, learn from vocabulary lists, sign up for word-of-the-day emails, play word games.

– create your own high-frequency vocabulary lists.

5 – the Fun Corner