Practice for the FCL.055 n°7 – non-standard operations

With step 7, of the 10-month program meant to get you ready to ace the FCL.055 by summer, we move beyond the confort zone of ordinary procedures and enter the shifting area of non-standard situations. As said in the introduction of the « In English, please » article published in Infopilote’s March issue: there is a fine line between standard and non-standard situations.

1 – Vocabulary

The « Incidents » chapter in L’Anglais pour voler has 13 sections. Review the vocabulary on incidents in aircraft airframe  with this extract from the book. Already published in PP #12: the vocabulary on incidents in aircraft engines and systems

2 – Reading comprehension

Non-standard operations are not only about a flight going south. It is also about performing unusual activities with an aircraft. Read this former Infopilote’s article on aerial archeology:

Playing Indiana Jones in the air

and answer these questions: – How is the aircraft adapted for the mission? – Why can’t Philippe perform 60° banked turn? – What causes cropmarks in archeology?

3 – Listening comprehension

Listen to the audio file below and find the missing words in this text.

4 – Commemoration

One year ago on the 17th of March,  France entered a strict national lockdown. For this occasion, to help pilots make use of the extra free time to practice their English, Eliot posted daily messages on his Facebook page to provide tips, links, and other leads on ways to work from home. Here is a list of the messages posted during the first half of the confinement, from March 21st till April 14th. They have not aged a bit and can still be used as a breadcrumb trail to get « a daily shot of English practice ».

5 – the Fun Corner

Listening comprehension crossword

2 – reading comprehension

– the door is removed and a strap is fixed across the door frame.

– because the weather is a bit bumpy.

– buried ditches and stone walls.


3 – listening comprehension

Full script


5 – listening comprehension crossword

ACROSS: 2 – terminated; 4 – latlong; 6 – in progress; 8 – windshear; 9 – affirm; 11 – flyby; 15 – blew a tyre; 17 – class Charlie; 19 – gusty crosswind; 20 – evacuating; 23 – emergency vehicles; 26 – attention all aircraft; 27 – issue; 28 – leaking fuel.

DOWN: 1 – landing clearance; 3 – runway heading; 5 – go around; 7 – southeast bound; 10 – fuel dumping; 12 – frequency; 13 – flight plan; 14 – database; 16 – picked up; 18 – ruptured; 20 – ELT signal; 21 – tower; 22 – gear; 24 – expires; 25 – cancel.