Practice for the FCL.055 n°8 – emergencies

In this 8th chapter , the focus will be on emergencies, as a complement to the « In English,please » article published in Infopilote’s April issue.


1 – vocabulary review

The « Incidents » section in L’ Anglais pour voler has 13 chapters – an ominous number in adequacy with an ominous subject.

Some of them have already been published in previous Practice Papers:

– PP #12: Aircraft (2) engines and systems

– PP #43: Aircraft (1) airframe

– PP #19: Medical incidents

– PP #23: Accidents

Extend your vocabulary further with this other double page from L’ Anglais pour voler : Flying (3) emergencies


2 – reading comprehension

The Skyway code, downloadable from the UK’s CAA website,  is a document « designed to provide private pilots with easy, quick access to the key information they need » to fly in the UK. 

Go to the 8th chapter (here, too, pattern or coincidence?) dedicated to emergencies, and answer these questions: 

– What are the six emergency situations listed in the Skyway Code?

– In case of being lost, what is the last piece of advice given?

– In case of an electrical failure, which two items are mentioned  that you can expect to lose, among others, when the battery fails? 


3 – listening comprehension has been mentioned several times as an interesting site to bookmark. Sign up for their newsletter to receive every Wednesday their « pilot’s tip of the week », consisting of a short article on an aviation-related topic, along with its audio recording. A tip sent last October was entitled « Declare an emergency or not ». Listen to the audio file:

and answer these questions:

– What are the two basic flavours of emergencies?

– What are the two distress conditions mentioned by John Krug? 

– How can the controller help you? 

The full script is available in the « answers » section.

4 – the general English section is another site often mentioned in the Practice Papers as a valuable tool to keep at hand for regular practice. 

Go to their page on The Month of Ramadan  to read about the Muslim month of fasting that started on April 12.

– Why does the date shift from year to year?

– What is the date of the holiday of Eid al-Fitr in 2021?

– Have you followed the link to find out the history of the word « fasting »? Why is the first – and most important – meal of the day called … what it is called? 


5 – the Fun Corner

 Make English practice a family challenge with attractive resources from various internet sites. For example Macmillan, the well-known publisher of educational programs, presents an unusual tool to make a game of learning irregular verbs:


2 – reading comprehension

– Lost, loss of communication, electrical failure, engine failure, fire, ditching.

– Orbit near any prominent landmarks that could be described to ATC. Do not continue to fly aimlessly.

– radio communications and flaps.

3 – listening comprehension

Full script

4 – the general English section

– because it is determined according to the Muslim calendar which is a lunar one.

– from the evening of May 12 until the following evening

– because you break the fast from the previous night.