Practice for the FCL.055 n°10 – listening comprehension

All  five exercises in PP #46 – the 10-month session’s last Practice Paper – focus on listening comprehension. 

The first three exercises are fill-in-the-blank type practice from former « In English, please » articles.


1 – listening comprehension practice n°1

From « easy » to « more difficult »


2 – listening comprehension practice n°2

5 Ws and an H


3 – listening comprehension practice n°3

Emergencies, hazards, and non-standard operations


4 – the general English section

Watch this CNN video on the « next extreme sport in the sky » and answer the questions below. The video is quite fast and captions are not available, but in the options, you can cut back the speed by half. The voice becomes weird but it is easier to understand.

– how does Aaron describe himself?

– which version is he at today? 

– what was  three quarters of the design effort about?

– how long will wingboarders be able to fly? 

– what is Aaron’s bread and butter? 


5 – the Fun Corner

 Finish with a flourish by trying to solve this listening comprehension wordsearch centered on ATIS vocabulary.



listening comprehension practice n°1 – solution

listening comprehension practice n°2 – solution

listening comprehension practice n°3 – solution

the general English section

– a tinker – 6th version – designing a rider that can mimick what a human can do – as long as their muscles are going to let them – flight test engineering. 

the Fun Corner – solution