Dictionnaire & vocabulaire aéronautique



2 – severe weather wordsearch solution

3 – listening comprehension

– between June and September

– counterclockwise, due to the Coriolis effect

– the eye wall

– when its warm water energy supply is cut, either when it makes landfall or when it travels to the north over colder water

– winds  greater than 155 mph, heavy rainfalls, flash floods, elevated sea level, 60-foot waves  on the open ocean, storm surges

4 – grammar

far, often, many, much, about, long, fast, heavy, much, deep

5 – further reading

He was 22 when he died and had already achieved the status of national hero, thanks to his 54 victories over enemy planes. His aircraft, a SPAD S.VII called “Vieux Charles”, is one of Le Bourget Air and Space Museum’s favorite exhibits.

He is also remembered for having said: “Lorsque l’on n’a pas tout donné, on a rien donné”. His motto, “Faire face”, was adopted by the Air Force Academy upon its creation in 1935, and the first group of students to graduate from the school was given the name “Promotion Guynemer” .