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Practice Paper

Practice 17/01/2020

Practice Paper #31 will focus on the FCL.055 exam.



1 – reading

This former « In English, please » article will give you 10 tips to improve your English, both general and aeronautical, on a daily basis. It was published in 2017, and a few things have changed since then:

7 Learn the phraseology: the SIA has now only one document related to phraseology, the « Manuel de formation à la phraséologie ».

8 The UK ATIS phone numbers are still listed on page 32 of  the Met Office’s booklet, but at this new address: GetMet.

10 Eliot’s Practice Papers are now published once a month, around the 15th, so as to fall halfway between two Info-pilote articles.


How many newsletters are mentioned in the article?


2 – listening comprehension

Another, more recent, « In English, please » article recaps what you need to know about language proficiency and the FCL.055 VFR exam. It also offers a FCL.055-type listening comprehension exercise.

Listen to the recording below and find the missing words in the article:



3 – FCL.055 

Practice on a full exam, with a fictional flight, an unusual situation, and another listening comprehension test. Read carefully the instructions, several times if needed, for each exercise.


– Fictional flight 

scenario   and audio file:


– Unusual situation



– Listening comprehension

Listen to the recording below and find the missing words in the article:





4 – the general English corner

China is about to rejoice in the advent of the Year of the Rat. Read more about the Chinese zodiac here,  and answer these questions:

a – when is the Chinese New Year falling this year?

b – which element is associated with 2020?

c – which element is the Rat’s fixed element?

d – why is there no cat in the Chinese zodiac?


5 – fun learning

Improve both your aeronautical English and your knowledge of aircraft engines with this quiz from www.boldmethod.com .