Dictionnaire & vocabulaire aéronautique

2021 – PP #41 – #XX

PRACTICE PAPER #42 – PRACTICE FOR THE FCL.055 n°6 – revision
Practice 19/02/2021

Let’s mark a pause with some revision before embarking on the second half of the 10-month program initiated in September last year, a program due to culminate in May and June with 2 full FCL.055 exams. The revision  exercises cover topics addressed in the previous 5 months: letters, numbers, ATIS, and phraseology in standard and radio operations.


1 – vocabulary review

Review some basic vocabulary with two interactive PDF documents:


control and instrument panel

Download the PDF, open it with Adobe Acrobate Reader, and click on any one word to listen to its pronunciation.


2 – ATIS

Listening comprehension practice


3 – standard operations

Listen to an audio file featuring the departure from Kerry, in Ireland, and find the missing words in the text:


Kerry – Departure



4 – the general English section

Read this former « In English, please » article on the importance of vocabulary :

Words are the basic building blocks of language

And answer these questions:

– what is passive vocabulary?

– what are the 4 tips to do the trick?

– what can you do at www.tocloud.com?


5 – the Fun Corner

Review the vocabulary on air flow with this crossword:

Air flow



PRACTICE PAPER #41 – PRACTICE FOR THE FCL.055 n°5 – phraseology guidelines
Practice 15/01/2021

1 – phraseology review

Review the phraseology on flight information with this extract from L’Anglais pour voler:

                                                                                                                          Flight information

More double pages from L’Anglais pour voler’s phraseology chapter can be found in previous Practice Papers:

– PP #40 (with pronunciation)                                                       radio

– PP #36 Shelter-in-Place Special Edition n°6                     Aerodrome traffic circuit, landing

– PP #34 Shelter-in-Place Special Edition n°4                    Aerodrome, take-off

– PP #33 Shelter-in-Place Special Edition n°3                    Aerodrome, on the ground

– PP #31 Shelter-in-Place Special Edition n°1                    A few useful words, 1 and A few useful words, 2

– PP #13                                                                                                     ATIS


2 – reading comprehension

The « In English, please » article in Infopilote’s January issue consisted of a treasure hunt across the first half of an EGAST document entitled « A guide to phraseology for general aviation pilots in Europe ».

Let’s pick up where we stopped at the end of the article and resume browsing through the document from page 26:

– how do you ask a controller for help in avoiding traffic you don’t have in sight?

– why is it important to ensure that a flight plan is closed?

– a diagram showing a visual circuit is on the back inside cover of the document. How is the « long final » defined?

– when is a runway vacated?

– listen to the pilot/controller exchange on page 42 and single out the expressions showing that D-ABCD is landing on an uncontrolled aerodrome.


3 – listening comprehension

Listen to an audio file featuring a flight to and from Baden Baden:

and find the missing words in this text: Baden Baden



4 – the general English section

China is about to rejoice in the advent of the Year of the Ox. Read more about the Chinese zodiac here,  and answer these questions:

– when is the Chinese New Year falling this year?

– which element is associated with 2021?

– which element is the Ox’s fixed element?

– why is there no cat in the Chinese zodiac?


5 – the Fun Corner

Listen to the recording below to find the solution to this enigma:


  Riddle me this, riddle me that